Blacspot seabream

The mussels (Mytilidae), commonly known as mussels or mussels (in some parts of South America), are a family of bivalve molluscs of great economic and gastronomic interest. Like other bivalves, they are filter feeders that live attached to the substrate. They are mainly marine and live both in intertidal zones and submerged areas of the coasts around the world, although there are species that live in bodies of fresh and mixed or brackish water (that is, a mixture of fresh water with marine water).1 Limnoperna fortunei is a freshwater mussel with a high invasive capacity.

Body elongated and fusiform. Teeth of two types: in front, several rows of small, sharp teeth, arranged in a brush; behind, two rows of molar teeth, larger towards the inside of the mouth. Brilliant whitish color, with golden reflections; fins pale pink, edged slightly darker; a dark red, almost black, lentil-sized spot on pectoral fin insertions. Up to 35 cm in length.

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