Canadian Lobster

The lobster is easily distinguished from the lobster by the presence of imposing claws and a less spiny carapace. Crabs, which live in freshwater, are the most similar species, but smaller (although there are quite large crabs in the tropics that can evoke the color and shape of a young lobster).

Lobster meat is highly prized. It is considered the finest of crustaceans, ahead of the lobster. According to connoisseurs, both species of lobster do not have the same flavor.1

The lobster is steamed, in water, in the oven or on the grill.2 It can be eaten cold or in sashimi. If it has been boiled, its head must be pierced once the cooking is finished, to empty the liquid contained under its shell.

Body elongated and fusiform. Teeth of two types: in front, several rows of small, sharp teeth, arranged in a brush; behind, two rows of molar teeth, larger towards the inside of the mouth. Brilliant whitish color, with golden reflections; fins pale pink, edged slightly darker; a dark red, almost black, lentil-sized spot on pectoral fin insertions. Up to 35 cm in length.


ENG Canadian Lobster
italia Astice
fr Homard europeen
DE Hummer

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