Atlantic cod

Common cod, Atlantic cod or Norway cod (Gadus morhua) is one of about 60 species in the migratory fish family Gadidae. Lives in cold northern seas. In general, the Atlantic cod is small, although some specimens can reach 45 kilograms in weight with a size of up to almost 1.65 meters. It has three dorsal fins and a strong chin barbel. It feeds on other smaller fish, such as herring (Clupea harengus) or sardines (Sardina pilchardus).

Body elongated and fusiform. Teeth of two types: in front, several rows of small, sharp teeth, arranged in a brush; behind, two rows of molar teeth, larger towards the inside of the mouth. Brilliant whitish color, with golden reflections; fins pale pink, edged slightly darker; a dark red, almost black, lentil-sized spot on pectoral fin insertions. Up to 35 cm in length.

ENG Atlantic cod
italia Merluzzo Bianco
fr Morue de l’Atlantique
DE Dorsch

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