Shortfin squid

Marine molluscs belonging to the class Cephalopoda, subclass Coleoidea, order Teuthida, family Ommastrephidae2 with an appearance similar to squid proper, with which they are often confused.

Squids have two gills, a closed circulatory system made up of a systemic heart and two gill hearts.

The body is distinguished by a narrow and elongated torpedo-shaped mantle on the sides of which are two triangular fleshy fins that account for a third of the total body length, such fins meet at the rear apex of the mantle. In the front part, the cephalic portion, with two highly evolved eyes, extends into eight tentacles and two more extend until reaching almost the same length as the mantle, they have four rows of suckers at the ends. The common squid is light pink in color with small purplish or reddish and bluish spots, which is why it blends in very well in seawater. When this animal feels attacked, it expels a very dark brown ink or cuttlefish.

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